What is reMarket?

reMarket is the section of the upMarket community where individuals can sell their pre-owned items. These listings can be posted either as regular products for sale, or as auction products where buyers can view and bid on the items that they are interested in. Sellers can set minimum acceptable prices for their auctions and the length of time their auctions are open for bids.

How do I join this reMarkable community, you ask? Read on…

User Accounts

To get started, click the green button to the left (below for mobile users). Once a user account is set up, the Seller Dashboard will be enabled. This is where you can upload items for sale, start auctions, and set other details of your reMarket account and profile.  Anyone can browse reMarket, but an account is required for additional actions such as making enquiries on items for sale, and making purchases. More information on setting up accounts and using reMarket is provided in the reMarket 101 page, which can be accessed by clicking the purple button to the left (below for mobile users).

Note: reMarket is part of the upMarket community, but operates its own user environment, similar to a store in a mall. Because of this, reMarket users must create a reMarket account, even if they have already created an account in the main upMarket community. I know, I know – but it’s totally worth it! Check it out…

Why should I reMarket?

Auction Capability

Generate interest in your items by putting them on the auction block. Auctions are a fun and interactive way to sell on reMarket. What’s your stuff worth? Find out at the end of the auction!

Credit Card Payment Availability

reMarket provides a secure credit card payment option through the Stripe payment gateway. Please visit stripe.com/en-ca/privacy to view their privacy policy and to access their other terms and conditions of service. To use this credit card payment method, the Seller of the item must have a Stripe account connected to the marketplace. Buyers do NOT require a Stripe account to make purchases. For those Sellers who are interested, the Stripe account setup process is very fast and user-friendly. The Stripe 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction processing fee applies to the total of each sale and will be deducted automatically by Stripe before the payment is forwarded to the Seller, but upMarket currently collects no additional fees or commissions on these sale amounts. 

Any disputes relating to credit card payments, processing, fees, and other Stripe related activities are the sole responsibility of the Seller and the Seller will need to contact Stripe to address them. upMarket has no liability for issues related to the credit card processing activities, with the exception of reMarket subscription purchases.

For those Buyers and Sellers who do not wish to use credit card payments in reMarket, the Payment at Exchange option is also available. This will require payment outside of the reMarket environment to be arranged directly between the Buyer and Seller. Of course, there are no processing fees incurred for cash payments, and no third party account set up is required.

Proof of Purchase

reMarket offers an electronic trail of the confirmed purchases made, providing proof of purchase for the Buyer and Seller, reducing the possibility of intentional non-delivery or non-payment. Please note that this confirmation is not a guarantee of delivery or payment. This electronic trail exists only if the Buyer completes a purchase using the reMarket checkout to place the order. 

It is expected that Buyers and Sellers will respect the purpose of this order placement/purchase function, and that it will be used as intended, without abuse.

Safe Exchange Recommendations

Always be sure that you are comfortable with the payment and delivery arrangements for any purchases and sales you are involved in. An e-transfer done at the time of item exchange is recommended as a physically safer alternative to cash payment, reducing the possibility of theft and providing a contactless payment method.

Item-payment exchange should be done in a safe public location. If this is not possible, it is recommended that the Buyer and Seller each have at least one other trusted individual with them at the time of exchange.

Important Information

upMarket is not responsible for any losses, damages, or other issues, financial or otherwise, resulting from, or related to, the user activity, including the sale and purchase of items, in reMarket. As always, please be aware of the personal information that you are providing to the other users of the community. 

reMarket is solely intended for the sale and purchase of pre-owned, movable, physical goods. Listings and transactions for livestock and animals, including pets, as well as illegal, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate items (as defined solely at the discretion of upMarket) are strictly prohibited in reMarket. Inappropriate items include, but are not limited to, those defined by Stripe in the Restricted Businesses – Canada documentation at stripe.com/en-ca/restricted-businesses.