How to reMarket

Register for an account to join the reMarket community!

All user accounts are currently FREE* and will allow you to post listings, both regular and auction, search and view listings, bid on auctions, make product enquiries, and make purchases. Sellers of items can be contacted using the Product Enquiry tab which will be available when you click on a product to view. Please note that using the Product Enquiry to contact the Seller will provide your email address to that Seller.

During registration, please be sure to choose a Seller Name that you are comfortable sharing with the community, as this will be your front-end identity that will be visible to everyone.


General Info

Each reMarket listing must contain only one item for sale, or a set of items that are meant to be sold as a single group, rather than individually. Remember that a Buyer can select a listing for purchase with the expectation that they will eventually be the owner of everything that was for sale in that listing. Once a Buyer has placed the order, the listing will no longer be visible for purchase on reMarket as it will be considered sold. For this reason, with the general exception of auction listings, it is also strongly recommended that a reMarket Buyer contact the Seller of a listing that they are interested in before finalizing the purchase of that listing using the Checkout function in reMarket.

Additionally, a listing MUST be marked as Sold on reMarket by the Seller if the item in that listing has been sold outside of the reMarket environment, or is otherwise no longer available for purchase. A Seller may also permanently delete a listing to remove it from reMarket. Both of these removal options can be completed in the Seller dashboard, as described in the Seller Dashboard section below.

Making a purchase is pretty simple on reMarket:

1. Pick something you like

2. Contact the Seller to ask any questions you have about the item and to arrange item-payment exchange (always make sure you both understand and fully agree to these arrangements)

3. Put it in your basket

4. Check out using either the Payment at Exchange option or the secure Stripe credit card payment option (this depends on Buyer preference, but a Buyer can only pay for items with a credit card if the Seller has set up a Stripe account in reMarket)

5. Buddy up with a trusted person and go to the exchange to pick up your purchased item


Seller Dashboard

Congratulations on setting up a User account! Now you get your very own Seller Dashboard. This can be accessed from the Main Menu at the top of the screen, or through the My reMarket Account selection. 

The main Dashboard tab will show you if there are any announcements from reMarket Admin when they are posted to the Seller group.

The Listings tab is where you will prepare and post any non-auction listings. Once you add an item for sale, you will find yourself on the Edit Product page. On this page, there are a couple of very important checkpoints that need to be updated and saved before your product is properly listed:

1. About halfway down the page, there is an Item Availability section. Here, you can select whether your item is available or if it has been sold.

2. The next section is Geolocation which shows the map where you add your product location. The bar on top of the map box has a small button at the right end of the box that you can click so the system can automatically recognize your location and use it for the product location. Otherwise, use the Search bar within the top left corner of the map itself to search for and select your location from the drop-down box.

3. Be sure that you click the Save Product button at the bottom of the page after confirming the information as per the first two points above.

The Subscription tab contains the information for the reMarket subscription that you have selected. The option to cancel your subscription is also located on this tab. Once your subscription period has ended, your listings will be removed from reMarket.

The Auction tab is where you will prepare and post any auction listings. It works pretty much the same as the regular Product tab, but with a couple of auction specific information fields that will need to be completed, such as the auction start and end dates.


Stripe Account

Clicking on the Settings tab at the bottom of the Seller Dashboard navigation bar will bring you to the Payment tab. This is where you can set up a Stripe account to accept credit card payments, if you choose. A Stripe account is NOT mandatory to be a Seller. If no Stripe account is set up, Buyers won’t be able to use the credit card option to purchase your item. Buyers can choose Payment at Exchange, which will allow the Buyer and Seller to make their own arrangements for the item-payment exchange.

If you click the Stripe Connect button, you will be led through the Stripe account setup on the Stripe website. Stripe accounts are available for individuals, as well as businesses. There are a couple of pieces of information requested during the Stripe account set up that appear to be business-specific, however this information is either optional, or those fields are designed to accept personal information in lieu of business information, as noted directly on the account setup page. Once the account is set up and connected to upMarket (which includes the reMarket environment), you will be able to accept credit card payments from Buyers.  

The account set up is completely free. There will be no charges until a sale is made where the Buyer chooses to pay with a credit card. Then the Stripe fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction will apply and will be automatically deducted by Stripe before they transfer the funds to your account. There are a few days between payment and funds transfer, while Stripe is internally processing the transaction. This, and other detailed information related to Stripe accounts, can be found at the Stripe Canada website. 

Setting up a Stripe account requires that their terms and conditions are followed and their privacy policy is understood and accepted.



*A low selling fee will eventually be introduced to reMarket Sellers with advance notice. These fees will only be applicable to those users who post items for sale after the fee introductory date. Users who do not sell will not incur any fees.